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You thought that this god thing
Was about your own wrong and regret.
I say No. But
It doesn’t matter what I say.

The God Of The Starving Dog says:
Hear me!
I hunger!
Christ almighty I hunger!
My ribs scream out my want
And a scale’s upon my eye!
And oh my children.
My children twist, and turn and snap their jaws
And spitting blood they fall upon each other,
Such is their plight!
For this
And for much besides
Your time is coming.
Even in my desolation I see your face,
And I say, I will remember you.

Thus saith the God.

Yes. Well.

Never mind about the God, but at the very least you
Should heed this from me:
You can be sure the Dog is about.
He might not be your dog
But he’s a hungry dog
And he chains and paces now,
Behind an old and broken fence.
You figure it out.

Posted: June 27th, 2010
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