Pretty Useless Things will not change the world, and will not ‘address the root causes of world hunger, disease, political unrest or religious strife’. Pretty Useless Things will not make the New York Times bestseller list, and it will not receive a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Pretty Useless Things will not be read by the Prime Minister of Australia, the British Prime Minister or the President of the United States; it will not split the atom, enlarge the Panama Canal or make Italian trains run on time. The temperature of the Earth will not be lowered by all the Pretty Useless Things, and nor will they prevent people from climbing Uluru, that big red rock in the middle of the Australian desert.

Pretty Useless Things is a small and insignificant project by the Australian writer and designer, Marcus Baumgart. It is harmless, and poses no threat to the global banking industry. The CIA, the US Office of Homeland Security and ASIO, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, should not waste tax dollars keeping tabs on the project.